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I have to tell you that we take a limited amount of orders. We can process only 100 orders/day.
If the link is not working, it is because of the daily limitation. If you want to buy and if the above link is not working try to buy next day.

No phone orders are accepted. Currently you can buy this flashlights only online at our website. We have to do this in order to streamline the process and make sure everything is good.

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We are just the advertising company of Lumitact G700 Tactical Flashlight. If you have questions or problems with your order and if you wand to get in contact with the company about your order, please visit:
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Attention: International orders might get delayed because of the customs clearance process from US and customs clearance process from your country so wait a little.

Look at the bottom of the page they have a phone number also in the privacy policy or terms of use they should have the email. And send them directly an email or call them, I think it will be better to email them, because we ship worldwide and we don’t provide support 24 hours, we work on regular business hours Monday to Friday 8AM – 4 PM EST.