Interesting Facts You Did Not Know About the Number One Flashlight: LumiTact G700 Military Tactical Flashlight

You turn your old flashlight on, but what you get is a dim light that can barely light your way. Don’t even get me started on the grip that can overtake your whole system especially when you are in a dangerous situation and your flashlight fails. Ask any policeman who has been in a situation of life and death and the flashlight just decided to spell out their fate.

If you are a regular flashlight user, then you probably understand what I am talking about. Any military man, firefighter, policeman, camper  or hunter will attest to the importance of a strong flashlight when they are out doing what they do best. Those old flashlights that can scare the daylight out of you when you are walking in a dark pathway or through an eerily silent hallway need to go.

hiking-in-the-dark-with-lumitact-g900-military-tactical-flashlightWell, thanks to advancement in the lighting technology, flashlights have been revolutionized to meet all your lighting needs. If you have been searching for a flashlight that can guarantee you sufficient light in dire times, then your search ends here. Let me let you in on the secret – the LumiTact G700 Military Tactical Flashlight, which has the lighting capacity of 700 blinding lumens of light, should be your number one companion.

You probably are wondering how it is different from the other flashlights you have used before. The answers are simple and straightforward. First, it is made out of machined aircraft aluminum that is nearly indestructible. It boasts of five pre-set modes, i.e., high, medium, low, SOS and strobe. While the Strobe mode produces a pulsating frequency that alerts of impending danger within milliseconds, the SOS mode is used to signal for help when you sense a looming threat. See it for yourself here: LumiTact G700 Video Presentation

If you have not noticed, the G700 flashlight is made from military technology. What’s even more interesting is that it is available to the public. Before you rush out to buy old flashlights that will consume a lot of energy and still not measure up to your expectations, you need to know that the G700 flashlight uses only 2AA batteries and consumes near to zero energy but almost as miraculously lights your way to blinding brightness.

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